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Mikey's Marvellous Medicine

You have to hand it to Shane Black, he’s got me torn in a good and bad way. There’s no questioning his screenplay skills, the man can write.

Past work includes Lethal Weapon 1-4, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the latter being his directorial debut. Yet I feel this latest instalment in the mandarinbenkingsleyIron Man franchise, whilst generally good, may have missed a trick or two.

Plot wise, this picks up soon after the events of Avengers. Tony is in a bad way suffering from post traumatic stress disorder; nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks and the like.

Then, to kick him whilst he’s down, The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley) appears on the scene; a shadowy, terrorist-type figure, taking credit for a series of bombings, issuing death threats to the President – that sort of thing.

One bombing results in the injury of Tony’s former bodyguard Happy…

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james cameron avatar logoWith the sequel to Avatar due at the end of next year, Twentieth Century Fox is laying the groundwork by lodging two Australian trade mark applications for what appears to be a new logo for the mega-successful movie franchise (pictured).

The applications – TM numbers 1558814 and 1558816 – were both lodged last Thursday and cover the same image. A reverse Google Image search suggests the logo has not been used in the past, and the creature in the logo appears to be one of the flying ‘Great Leonopteryx’ creatures featured in the first movie.

The creature is described on the application as an ‘ANIMAL, BIRD, CREATURE, FLIGHT, SILHOUETTE’ and, more suggestively, ‘FLAME+’.

Twentieth Century Fox is attempting to trade mark the logo under 15 goods and services classes, covering the usual (‘audio-visual works and sound recordings’) and the not so usual (‘meat, fish, poultry and game’).

The applications are currently…

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Viggo Mortensen doesn’t behave like a movie star. Last year, at the London Film Festival, he blushed when an admirer handed him a gift for his 54th birthday.

While promoting The Road in Venice in 2009, a fan gave him a teddy bear in the colours of his favourite football team, Argentina’s San Lorenzo, which he displayed proudly at a press conference.

And for his latest film, Everybody Has A Plan, he would start the day by hanging up flags of the different football clubs of Spain and Argentina, treating it as a kind of altar.

It was his passion for football that brought Mortensen to one of his best and most challenging roles. Though he is best known for steely hardcases (David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises and A History Of Violence) or noble fantasy figures (Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy), Everybody Has A Plan finds Mortensen playing…

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Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling bring the Mob back to our screens, Arnold Schwarzenegger swaps politics for action flicks and some classic Dr Who shenanigans are on the agenda.

Gangster Squad (15) DVD, Blu-ray, VoD

Given how obvious the similarities are between them, it’s fair to say Gangster Squad is intended as The Untouchables for a new generation. In similar fashion, the story boasts a retro setting (late 1940s LA) and is loosely ‘based on real events’, also centring on an incorruptible cop (Josh Brolin) who assembles an off-the-books team to bring down a notorious crime boss (Sean Penn) with a stranglehold over the city.

Unfortunately, Ruben Fleischer’s pulpy thriller isn’t in the same league as Brian De Palma’s stirring Mob classic. Opening with a man being torn apart, it features some crunching violence and a few intense sequences. But while it’s occasionally stylish, Fleischer’s LA noir is ultimately undone by…

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Will Smith’s bid to become one of the most successful movie stars in the world was prompted in part by his relationship with his father.

Smith’s dad served in the US military and demanded that his son live a structured and focused life. ‘My father was in the air force,’ begins the perpetually ebullient Smith, ‘so there was a very serious focus on military precision.’

Smith’s bed, for example, had to be made perfectly. ‘That’s what he demanded and so that’s how I began in my career and in my life,’ he explains. ‘There’s been a certain obsessiveness to my career and to the things I was trying to accomplish.

‘It was like: “We’re going to get that flag to the top of the hill no matter what. It doesn’t matter that your ankle is hurt or it doesn’t matter that somebody is sad. Imagine how sad you are going be…

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