Spirit Lights The Way

As I mentioned last week, Susanna’s holding a contest to coincide with the e-launch of Can’t Sleep Without Sheep . . . tomorrow!

What d’ya bet Susanna’s too excited to sleep tonight?

For the contest, she asked us to write an advertising jingle designed to make readers tingle with anticipation.

The winners get prizes!
Cool prizes!

If you’re too tired to write a jingle because you suffer from insomnia, or feel there is too much jingling in the world, you can win prizes for tweeting about the book this week.  Details HERE!

There’s also a coloring contest for kids.

Yes!  There’s still time to get in on the FUN.

Here’s my jingle, sung to the tune of Swagger Jagger:

You can’t stop reading this book
Reading this book
Reading this book

You can’t stop reading this book
So get a copy now

You can’t stop counting those…

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