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I love child..

I love child..




Okay so, today i shall be telling you the story of a girl. She made scores of twitter accounts, changing names and descriptions in hopes that she would be able to get more followers. What she didn’t have, was some common sense and skill.

She has it now. My latest twitter account, IlqAhmed, has about 8K followers, give or take a hundred.

How? You ask. Very easy, I follow a few tips and tricks.

1. keep a cool username, bio/description and display picture.

Many won’t believe this matters, but it does. More often than not, when scrolling for random users to follow, people follow those with unique and cool names. Having an attractive display picture isn’t a bad thing either. Don’t go for celebrity pictures-that’s fake. You’re fake. You don’t show your real self, and what people want to see is the real you.

2. In your description, have hashtags…

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Daily Photo Link

english_small  With light painting photos, you’ll often see spirals, hearts, angel wings, halos, rainbows, letters or random squiggles. Skeletons? Not so much.

Photographer Darren Pearson puts a spin on your typical light painting photos with his skeletons and dinosaurs.

Find more of his work HERE!

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Sander de Wilde blogs

At Photoshelter, an online archive and photographers site, I started a new agency just yesterday.

About 50 photographers from Belgium have their archives available on Photoshelter indivdualy, so I thought: Why not put them all together?

So whenever your looking for great photography from a Belgianphotographer  you can search and buy your editorial images directly from the photographer’s through the agency.

Better prices than buying it through a normal agency, and here the fee is for the photographer himself, so you’re helping photographers stay alive.












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Shamus Oshea's Blog

This blog project has taught me many things. Its taught me time management, consistency, accountability, and how to make an online blog. At the beginning of the semester I fell behind on the blog not caring too much and not putting forth any effort. I never knew how fun or how much work a good blog really took. As the semester went on I learned more and more things about online posts, widgets, slide shows, and storify. All these tools can be handy in the blogging world. I never knew that blogging was so popular and so useful. You can find pretty much anything you want online in a blog. I’m very glad I learned how to blog and I look forward to keep blogging in the future.






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The Business of sports

intelligreenInnovative technology has shaped the game of golf over that last 20 years, whether you are talking about GPS mapping solutions, booking tee-times, club and ball design, or mobile apps that feature rules or practice techniques. Intelligreen, a patented interactive graphic technology from SkyCaddie, has taken GPS mapping to the next level. “The technology maps each green from the ground using survey-grade GPS equipment” (Intelligreen). SkyCaddie’s devices that utilize this are incredibly accurate, the SGX was rated #1 in precision by Golf Datatech and was a first place winner on Golf Digest‘s “Hot List” (SkyCaddie Products).

One thing that is different about Intelligreen as compared to the rest is the level of detail in which each green is mapped. Exact shape measurements that include contour and false fronts give you exact yardage measurements on approach shots. This is just one aspect of SkyCaddie’s GPS…

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