Okay so, today i shall be telling you the story of a girl. She made scores of twitter accounts, changing names and descriptions in hopes that she would be able to get more followers. What she didn’t have, was some common sense and skill.

She has it now. My latest twitter account, IlqAhmed, has about 8K followers, give or take a hundred.

How? You ask. Very easy, I follow a few tips and tricks.

1. keep a cool username, bio/description and display picture.

Many won’t believe this matters, but it does. More often than not, when scrolling for random users to follow, people follow those with unique and cool names. Having an attractive display picture isn’t a bad thing either. Don’t go for celebrity pictures-that’s fake. You’re fake. You don’t show your real self, and what people want to see is the real you.

2. In your description, have hashtags…

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