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intelligreenInnovative technology has shaped the game of golf over that last 20 years, whether you are talking about GPS mapping solutions, booking tee-times, club and ball design, or mobile apps that feature rules or practice techniques. Intelligreen, a patented interactive graphic technology from SkyCaddie, has taken GPS mapping to the next level. “The technology maps each green from the ground using survey-grade GPS equipment” (Intelligreen). SkyCaddie’s devices that utilize this are incredibly accurate, the SGX was rated #1 in precision by Golf Datatech and was a first place winner on Golf Digest‘s “Hot List” (SkyCaddie Products).

One thing that is different about Intelligreen as compared to the rest is the level of detail in which each green is mapped. Exact shape measurements that include contour and false fronts give you exact yardage measurements on approach shots. This is just one aspect of SkyCaddie’s GPS…

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