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One Word Wednesday

{I mentioned last week that we had to say goodbye to our loyal dog Lucy, which was a terrible experience. But, we still have Daisy, and we’re feeling very fortunate to have her wagging her tail around the house these days. She’s an old, tired lady, but she’s still up for walks and treats and snuggles. Lucky us.}

{Speaking of Lucy, we’re all dealing in our own way. My husband left her a sweet message on our family chalkboard, and my girlie drew the most adorable picture of her at school. I got a little teary when I took it out of her backpack.}

{It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! My daughter has a wonderful teacher and we wanted to do something nice to acknowledge all her hard work. I thought about sending an apple to school for her, but then I recalled my own teaching…

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Pure Evil

Tracing Poems On Your Body


Title: Tracing Poems On Your Body
Author: fadingtales
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Ship: Klaus/Caroline
V-trans by Yuki/ Mandy (this trans fic has permission, please do not take out, thanks!)
WarningRating M 

Note: Thử nghiệm dịch rating M. Nếu vượt qua được thì sẽ tiếp tục với các long fic còn đang bỏ dở. Hoặc ngược lại, chắc mình chỉ dịch rồi bỏ qua mấy cảnh đó thôi (nếu nó ko ảnh hưởng đến nội dung, hy vọng tác giả sẽ bỏ qua cho mình =.=).

Lựa ngay cái one-shot khó nhằng, chưa kể có cả thơ ca nữa. Nhưng dịch fic của fadingtales lúc nào cũng vô cùng thú vị và hưng phấn ^_^

Mình cố gắng chuyển tải hết tinh thần của Author cũng như sao cho phù hợp với văn hóa. Mình không muốn đặt pass trong nhà riêng. Nếu thấy…

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Books & More from the Teen Scene

The Facts

224 pages; published April 2013

The Basics

Cameron has schizophreniform disorder – which is why he loses touch with reality and hears voices in his head. This particular disorder could be short term only, but no one knows, least of all Cameron as he fights against the medication and the doctoring and the parental hovering that is meant to help, but only makes him more inclined to get to know his voices better.


You look at the cover of this book and you look at the title, Cameron and the Girls, and you get the idea that it’s going to be a story about a guy named Cameron who likes two girls or had two girls that like him. And you’d be right … in a way. But for Cameron, deciding between two girls is more complicated that it sounds. One of the girls is a…

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The Sirens Song

With each anthology we release at Sirens Call Publications, we enjoy sharing the inspiration behind the stories contained within them. Our recent release, Bellows of the Bone Box is a combination of two fantastic genres – Steampunk and Horror. The authors have decided to share their inspirations of their story or talk about what Steampunk means to them. Today we feature an inspiration piece from Alex Chase, who contributed Edward Vincell of the 37th Platoon to Bellows of the Bone Box

Alex Chase is a full-time student and coffee enthusiast who spends the majority of his waking hours wrapped up in his own head, even when in class. His short fiction has been featured in several Siren’s Call Publication releases. When not scribbling about the latest killer, creature or catastrophe his mind concocts, he can be found reading or playing video games.

The Twists and Turns of a Mechanical…

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Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1148655_vintage_fountain_pen_3Bad reviews stink. There’s nothing else to say. That’s not to say a bad review isn’t a legitimate thing or that people are wrong to write them. Readers aren’t wrong to write them. People have every right to express a genuine and honest opinion of and reaction to my novel, or to any other novel they’ve read. It’s a writer’s responsibility to learn how to handle the negative feedback.

All I ask is that people limit themselves to critiquing my work without insulting me or bringing me as a person into the discussion. That’s a legitimate expectation on the part of any author, I’d think. I’m happy to say I’ve never received a bad review that attacked me personally, and I’m grateful that my readers have been so decent.

The occasional bad review is part of being an author and publishing your work. I feel lucky that overall reviews of…

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Alley Cat Reviews

A haunting, terrifying twist on the angel stories that are so popular at the moment. This time it’s all about the war between the fallen angels and their immortal half-blood offspring the Nephilim. Dark, mysterious and engaging this is a must for anyone looking for a supremely satisfying thriller. Recommended for ages 14-17. Contains coarse language, sexual references, mature themes and violence.


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Dream Eras


Colby never screamed louder in his life. He could feel the gray man’s hand clamping his heart, but was too gripped with terror to realize there was little blood coming forth. Symian’s hand pulled the organ free of its attachments. Within moments, Symian held Colby’s still-beating heart in front of his face. He put it in the velvet bag, thumping like a trapped rat, and pulled the drawstring shut.- Edward Lazellari, Awakenings:2011

With Awakenings as his first novel, Edward Lazellari promises a spectacular career in Fantasy writing. There are very few fantasy novels I come across that can be deemed “original”, but Awakenings is one of them! In all honesty the book wasn’t anything like what I expected from reading the back cover or the prologue. It’s a rich mixture of magic, adventure, mystery, and small dash reality, all combined into a fast paced novel that will keep you turning…

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