Doodles on the Desk

NOTE: Forgive me for the lack of adjectives, I really think there are no words to describe their performance. I’m saying this as a fan, so…yeah. 

I grew up in a house where there’s music all the time. My uncles were obsessed with rock music and music in general. They will always turn the radio on in the morning, almost full blast, and I would wake up to Jimi Hendrix,  Van Halen, Deep Purple, U2, ACDC and whatever’s on the cassette tape deck. My father worked abroad for years, and whenever he comes home, he always have a small box of cassette tapes of Billboard artists for me and my sister: Lionel Richie, Neil Sedaka, ABBA, the latest ones those days, and my uncles and even my aunt and mom, would play something in the morning til before dinner. But it was Aerosmith that I really enjoyed listening to, that…

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