In 1990 50% of American-purchased clothing was manufactured in the U.S. Today, only 2% of our clothes are American made and 41% alone come from China.

This gross and rapid outsourcing cut labor costs for corporations and has driven prices to record lows. Americans now spend less than 3% of total income on clothing, yet buy more than ever. The average American owns about 360 items of clothing and accumulates 64 new pieces a year, a little more than one a week. No longer do we own a few, well-made pieces. We’ve traded quality for quantity. We know that t-shirt from Forever 21 won’t last more than a season, but who cares, because by then it’ll be out of style anyway.

Our trend-obsessed, cheap “fast fashion” culture has led to the creation of overflowing closets but more importantly, the growth of unethical and unsustainable fashion.

Last fall, H&M released a…

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