All The Books I Can Read

Boomer & MeBoomer & Me
Jo Case
Hardie Grant
2013, 334p
Copy courtesy of the publisher/The Reading

Jo is a single mother of Leo, in his second year of primary school. She shares custody with Leo’s dad in an amicable arrangement that seems to work well for all involved and works, often from home, as a freelance writer and editor of a newsletter for a bookshop. Leo didn’t seem to have many problems in kindergarten but now that he’s moved up a year, there seems to be some issues with fitting in.

Although intelligent, Leo’s social skills often seem lacking and although his antics often win him friends in the schoolyard, sometimes things go awry. Perhaps due to his upbringing, Leo has always been treated more like an adult than a child and he seems to have an easier time relating to and conversing with them. He’s also happy to…

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