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If anything, reading this will make you thankful for your own mom; who most likely isn’t “Holly Golightly turned Mummy Dearest”/robot/compulsive liar/playgirl/gold-digger/evil alien created from old Chanel handbags and Jimmy Choos (can you say multiple personality disorder?). But don’t get mad at me for spoiling, because amazingly enough, almost all of these become apparent in Wendy Lawless’s story right from the start. On the back cover you’ll find some reviews spouting nonsense like, “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry”. But listen to me when I tell you, it will mostly be crying, or cringing at the most. Abused and lied to, Wendy and her sister travel with her mother across the globe, amazingly adapting to her mother’s numerous money-stuffed boyfriends, along with late nights fueled by cocktails. Managing to connect her thoughts and memories to her varying ages throughout the book, Wendy does a fantastic job of making her voice heard. This in-depth narration…

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