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Hope* the happy hugger

You should have known that there would be many updates on this little kitty.
He has grown a little bigger, and I’m pleased to say that he is not skin and bone any more.
He has a name now.
Herewith an update on his weekend activities.
When he was not doing this – which is most of the time I might add…download (1)
He is doing this…
download (3)
and this…
download (2)

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Monday is good to start with recollecting what happened the past week. Even though, in this case it wasn’t nothing special. My week was shadowed by a spring flu, but still I got to do some fun summery stuff, like eat grilled food for the first time!

Here are few mobile snapshots of last week.

toukokuu1. Preparing a little something as a surprise for the best mom in the world. :)/ 2. Spending some time with the thesis-project./ 3. Checking out my summerhoods, can you recognize the place? / 4. Getting a late birthday present and radiant skin. 😉

toukokuu21. Finally the weather to take summer shoes out for a walk! / 2. First picnic of the year with delicious lunch. / 3. Urho became a master in panting because of the warm weather. / 4. The taste of the first fresh strawberry!

I’m kind of happy I get to…

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Plant Of Evil...!

This Is Known As Evil Plant…..Have a Close Look to it….

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White beauty she is. And of course, a poser 🙂

Pankaj is a musician. Hence, I thought I’ll put her around his instrument and capture her beauty.

It all blended beautifully. She would just sit calm and give me those elegant, dramatic looks 🙂

I loved stealing those little moments of hers !

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The Gordon Group Blog

So I recently read a blog post by Farhad Manjoo titled “Don’t Bring Your Dog To Work. I Don’t Like Him.” I thought it was kind of funny seeing as how I am Dognot a dog lover. Before the hate emails start, please know I am an equal opportunity disliker of pets. I won’t get into why in this blog post, but it’s my blog and my opinion! Anywhoo, the amount of hateful comments that Farhad received after writing his rather short and somewhat less than thoughtful opinion caused me to respond with this blog.


Well, let’s just say that as a recruiter, I have had to attempt to place candidates in companies where it is perfectly acceptable to bring your dog to work. I have had to explain the company policy on dogs, but not cats or goldfish. Considering the fact that I advocate against…

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Dogpaddling Through Life

That darn Monday is here AGAIN! She’s liked less than a used car salesman directing traffic for a road construction crew.

At least we have the memories of a lovely weekend.

What did we do?







What did you do this weekend?






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Note from a Housewife


A complete habitat for your rabbit.
Read me

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Its ME