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I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.

 Harry Emerson Fosdick 


As I approach the 52nd week of The Other Woman Blog, I have 2 very strong and opposing emotions…joy and fear. I feel joy from recent manifestations of unbridled love but I also feel fear when facing the indeterminate future. The tension created between opposites has been the fundamental energy behind the transformative power of my year. Pictured below, is the image that initiated my Blog…Christ’s arms held apart, in surrender to a greater power, a greater wisdom, as He transitioned from life as he knew it, to life beyond the known. This gesture, metaphorically, became my mantra throughout the year.

Transformation Occurs in the Space Between the Old Life and the New Life

 I was existing in a…

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Evidently, Americans really like their libraries. Even more than we thought just a few weeks ago! While most librarians (even some of the more depressed ones) knew this, it is always nice to have more genuine evidence to back up this belief rather than merely having anecdotal and personal experiences to rely on.  Enter the Pew Internet & American Life Project that has, of late, been a supplier of just the types of statistics that make most librarians smile.

In the waning days of January, Pew released a report containing the feel good finding that:

“Fully 91% of Americans ages 16 and older say public libraries are important to their communities; and 76% say libraries are important to them and their families.” (4)

And the librarians smiled and celebrated. Huzzah! 91%! What great news (and more on that can be found here [and even more can be found…

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Working in Adult Literacy

patient dog Morgue fileThe last time I had my teaching evaluated by my administration, I was disappointed. Although I was happy to get a grade of “excellent” (highest on a five point scale), the comments from administration made me gag: “Kate is a kind and a patient teacher,” and

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Would you like some tea with that?


Have you ever tried one of those choose your own adventure books and been disappointed at how, no matter how clever you think you are, there isn’t really a way to figure out how to get to the ‘good’ ending? It just seems like a long process of elimination, tallying up the grueling deaths (or otherwise unpleasant endings) until you happen to hit the one good path. Do you remember the times when, despite thinking you chose a reasonable course of action, the character you’re controlling interprets your request in a completely arbitrary manner? I have a solution:

Choose Your Own Fantasy: Transparent Edition

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Talking Pictures

21Hazelton 0112_330

11/22/11: Ellen, attentive and kind, head RN at the nursing home said, “Your father is passing.”  I thought, but didn’t say, “Failing, actually,” not sure if a pun was appropriate.

We moved Daddy to Calvary Hospital (in the Bronx, not far where he’d started 87 years earlier), which for several months had been providing him with hospice care (nurses and social workers) at the nursing home.

The young, perceptive Orthodox rabbi–also sent to us by the wonderful Catholic hospice and whom my father had surprisingly accepted and befriended–met us there, sprinting down the hall with a collectible-looking crucifix in his hand, pleased to have removed it from my father’s room in such a timely manner.  Daddy, each day more shrunken and silent, was dead a week later, in the very early morning on 11/29/11.

When the phone call came, I thought who will call me “my razzle dazzle” now?  Who…

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Pedersen's Last Dream

Baklandet PLD

THE DREAM MY LANDLADY chooses to wake me into, has her deciding not to feed me any longer. She doesn’t tell me of her decision. Judging from experience, women hardly ever do.

I get back from town one evening to sit at the kitchen table waiting for a meal that never arrives. I sit for almost an hour before I realise what’s happening. Then pretend not to notice. I get up as if I’ve been sitting, thinking, all that time. And I have. While waiting.

You see, my landlady dreams I haven’t paid rent for months. Paying rent gets difficult when you dream of being a famous writer. Worldly things like rent lose importance. And, after all, it is her dream. I only don’t pay her rent because she dreams I can’t afford to. She dreams Oslo’s newspapers have lost all interest in my pieces. She dreams they’re going for…

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Museums at Night Blog

There’s nothing like a Museums at Night event to get people excited, and already  we’ve seen lots of media coverage of your events. Want more? Here are some last-minute promotional tactics that you can carry out in the next 15 minutes.

1) Register!

Make sure that your Museums at Night event is registered in Culture24’s database! With two days till the festival kicks off, this is your very last chance to benefit from our national PR campaign: if journalists ask us what’s happening in your area, and we don’t have details of your event, we can’t spread the word about it! Here’s how to register.

2) Make sure your event is listed on your own website

Double check that you’re promoting whatever your Museums at Night event is on your own site (and Facebook page, if you have one). It sounds obvious but at the very least you need to…

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