To what extent does a motto such as “Don’t be evil,” truly mean anything? After all, such smiling simplicity in a mission statement may sound good even as it solicits scoffs, but is that three word directive really worth even a microscopic fraction of the total financial value of the company with which that quote is associated?

In his column this week at Truthdig, titled “Google’s Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets,” Robert Scheer discusses not so much the worries of Google executives about the information they have harnessed, but rather their recognition and admission of what they have gathered and what it could all mean. Or, as Scheer, writes:

“What is truly frightening is that the techniques of the totalitarian state are the same ones pioneered by so-called democracies where commercial companies, like Google, have made a hash of the individual’s constitutionally guaranteed right to…

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