So, for all of you who don’t speak any Japanese at all, this is going to be a mini-lesson concentrating on ways of saying hello and good-bye.


So the most basic greeting is probably konnichiwa (こんにちは). This one is probably the most well know. It essentially means ‘good afternoon’. It’s polite and general enough to use in most daytime situations.

There are a couple more handy ones as well. Ohayou gozaimasu (おはいよ ございます) means ‘good morning’. The ‘gozaimasu’ makes this a polite greeting. In a casual, friendly setting you could drop it and just say ‘Ohayou’. Just be mindful of who you’re speaking to. Another one is konbanwa (こんばんは), which means ‘good evening’. Evening is generally considered to begin around nightfall. This another one which is fairly polite.

Some of you may have heard the greeting ‘moshi moshi’ (もし もし) used before. This is a greeting which is only used on…

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