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Because it’s Friday.

And why not?

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Memoirs of an Underwater Photographer

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Metropolis’

For this weeks theme I was in half a mind to use a photo of a busy reef scene, however when I looked up on wikipedia, the definition of a metropolis is most certainly only cites for people…. boo! Not to be disheartened, I get to show you three photos from metropolis around the world that I have loved. Firstly, above, Singapore, photographed at night from Marina Bay. Next up is New York and last but certainly not least is my fair city, London.

You can see more non-underwater travel photo galleries here.

If you want to see my underwater photos from various places then check out the galleries in my Reef Beasties Gallery. Or my best from 2012 here.

See all the other photo Friday entries (and submit your own) for ‘Metropolis’ here.

PS: I’m currently selling my 60mm/D300…

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Who I am


I feel homesick for you

I don’t know your name

Or where you reside

I can see your smile

And the twinkle

In your eyes

I feel your gentle

Touch caress

My cheeks

Your lips

Cause the

Hairs on my

Arms to rise

Your soul

Penetrates my

Very core

And when I see

You walking

Towards me

My skin sheds

And melts into

Pooling ripples

Of love

I am homesick

For love a soft


For me to fall

Gently and you

Take me in your

Arms and my

World is safe.

Terry Shepherd




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Classics Saxophone Quartet at Westminster Music Library, May 2013Every month I receive e-mails from musicians around the borough requesting that they come and perform at one of our Westminster Music Library events.

About nine months ago I spoke to Michael Hernandez – the leader of The Coloratura Wind Quartet – who agreed to bring his ensemble for a recital in the Music Library. Having wowed our audience with a brilliant concert last October, imagine my delight when I discovered that this incredibly accomplished clarinettist is also a brilliant alto saxophone player, who had recently put together a saxophone quartet.

This fledgling ensemble comprises an impressive wealth of experience and talent; its members primarily perform as professional soloists and instrumentalists within larger ensembles in addition to coaching and mentoring responsibilities. A prevailing love for and commitment to chamber music however inspired the formation of this group. Would we be interested in hosting a recital in 2013?


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All Saints Fulham Choir

At Choral Evensong on Sunday 19th May, the Parish Choir will sing a fantastic setting of the canticles – Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale) – written in 1945 by English composer Herbert Howells (1892-1983).

Collegium Regale means that it is dedicated to King’s College, Cambridge. He also wrote the music for the other church services for the College – canticles for matins and ordinary mass of Holy Communion as well as a set of evensong canticles for St John’s College, Cambridge and other churches. In 1961, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University.

Howells was a made a Companion of Honour by the Queen in 1972. Membership of the Order is conferred on men and women for service of national importance and is restricted to 65 people at any one time. The order confers no knighthood or other status, but recipients are entitled to use the…

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A Metal State of Mind

Here’s a pair of really neat videos you should feel obligated to check out because they are both awesome.

First up is “When I Lost My Bet”, the new video from Dillinger Escape Plan.  If entrails and bloody gloryholes make you squeamish, you may just want to listen to the audio.  For the rest of us, this is a really will directed and unique video that really captures the bat shit craziness of DEP perfectly.  Check it out!

And second up we have the first video from the upcoming Leprous album Coal for the tune “The Cloak”.  This video is damn great with the focus on simplicity really let the dark atmosphere drive the visuals home.  I also like that it fits perfectly with the album title and the visuals meld wonderfully with the song to create a wholly engaging experience.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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