A Metal State of Mind

Here’s a pair of really neat videos you should feel obligated to check out because they are both awesome.

First up is “When I Lost My Bet”, the new video from Dillinger Escape Plan.  If entrails and bloody gloryholes make you squeamish, you may just want to listen to the audio.  For the rest of us, this is a really will directed and unique video that really captures the bat shit craziness of DEP perfectly.  Check it out!

And second up we have the first video from the upcoming Leprous album Coal for the tune “The Cloak”.  This video is damn great with the focus on simplicity really let the dark atmosphere drive the visuals home.  I also like that it fits perfectly with the album title and the visuals meld wonderfully with the song to create a wholly engaging experience.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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