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I am sure Yemi Sax wrote this song for his new wife. It Doesn’t matter, lovely song. Listen Up

Just few weeks into the release of his last single which was a club jam “Feeling You” featuring Bashorun Gaa “9ice”, The Africa’s Sax Oracle “YemiSax” is back with another single and a classic one to be precise titled “It Doesn’t Matter”.

The song “It Doesn’t Matter” according to YemiSax celebrates real Love, True feeling, pure emotion and will as well encourage the few people that still believes in the big four letter word “LOVE”.

Saying Love knows no boundary!
The song is another single off the forthcoming YemiSax Vocal/Saxophone album “ASOM” (Another Side Of Me) which already boast of one single “Feeling You” featuring 9ice.

Watch out for the follow up single “Shawty Wanna Dance”, a club quaking jam which will drop any moment and also be on the…

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Alan Cumming, eclectic and powerful artist, is currently on the stage of Broadway Barrymore theater, featuring in the show “Macbeth”, directed by John Tiffany and Andrew Golbergwhich runs through 14th July 2013, interpreting Lady Macbeth along with other roles, a genuine one-man show where Macbeth isn’t Macbeth, but he is the portrait of Macbeth from a mad man being in a psychiatric hospital. The brilliant stage animal has recently worked on another other project under the sign of Shakespearian suggestions, releasing a CD, “The head that wears the crown, speechesfor royal men by William Shakespeare”, produced by GPRrecords and he has also made a smashing cover of the celebrated track “Why” by Annie Lennox. A vibrant artist to enjoy who always succeeds to amaze and enchant.


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effang's Blog

King is an upcoming rapper and the younger brother of the talented singer Praiz. He is here with a new single Red Dress Enjoy.


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Reflection Degree


This post is all about happiness and how music does it for you in just seconds. All about the amazing 60’s – 80’s music. They heard the best and thank God they did. I have grown up listening to ABBA, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Phil Collins(Disney movies would have been empty without his music), Kenny Rogers, Lobo, BeeGees, Queen, UB40… man the list can go on and on.

What I’m trying to say is music in those days used to be soulful, you wanted to go back to it and replay. Imma 90’s kid and yet I wanna listen to those songs. I hope against hope someone makes a machine so that I can go back to that era.

I’m going to share a few of the best songs I like and I’m sure you’ll like them just as much.

Papa Winnie : “You Are My Sunshine” though this song…

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indigo euphoric

Ah Eurovision, the institution that enriched our lives with such classic acts as ABBA, Celine Dion and the infamous  Moldovan “Sexophone” guy.
(Who, thanks to Herm Trololol, can be viewed thrusting away for ten glorious hours, right here).


Eurovision, the reason why millions tens of Australians know that Azerbaijan is actually a country.

Eurovision, a phenomenon that divides nations, communities and living rooms, between “Bleurhrhjrgh not this sh*t again. Can I change the channel now?” and
“ERRR MAH GERRRRDDD!  I’m SO FRICKEN EXCITED! This year I’m coming as UKRAINE and I’m bringing CHICKEN KIEVS!!!”

Watching Eurovision is a cultural activity.  Like all new cultural activities it can be a little uncomfortable, a little confusing,  and maybe even a little (lot) bit frightening until you get used to it. The best way to overcome Eurovision-induced culture-shock is to turn watching it into a game, where points are awarded to countries for…

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My Photographic World

I thought I’d collect up a few favourites from last weekend to share with you . Shots are from my Nikon D800 and my iPhone

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The Romanian entrant of 2012 Mandinga released a new single called ”Bling”. The song is a collabaration of Mandinga with Muneer. Unlike other songs of Mandinga this song is mainly in English.

Links (Spotify):

Mandinga – Bling

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