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With a debut single as buzz inducing as ‘I Watch You’, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs were always going to have to produce a pretty special album to meet the lofty expectations laid upon them. They showed they could deliver the goods with the infectious psych-rock of follow-up single and album opener ‘Things We Be’ and, as it turns out, these tracks were just telling of the mastery Boyer et al. have had hidden up their vintage shop-embellished sleeves.

Having already drawn endless comparisons to Television and Heavenly labelmates TOY – perhaps a slightly lazy relation – there is admittedly something very ‘70s New York proto-punk about ‘Clarietta’, no doubt helped along by Boyer’s self-confessed love of The Velvet Underground. ‘I’ve Got A River’ opens with the distinctive, tight-toned pulse of guitar before being swept up into an all-encompassing scuzz and a vocal that could easily be…

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