History in the (Re)Making

Titanic is an interesting piece of fiction to consider. Director James Cameron is hailed as a  ‘hugely respected Titanic expert’. The film itself was, at the time, heralded as one of the most historically accurate versions of the ship ever to be put on the big screen, yet despite this, it is riddled with glaring inaccuracies.

So how can it claim to be both fact and fiction at the same time? James Cameron has visited the wreck frequently, and the film’s depiction of the ship as a physical specimen is indeed historically accurate. The events that unfold upon the ship as it sinks and the characters involved, however, are twisted and dramatised until they bear no resemblance to what actually happened. Some characters and events are of course completely fictional, but this is where the problem arises. When the words ‘James Cameron’s Titanic is the most historically accurate…

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