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Eunuch In A Harem

So you’ve seen Jools Holland – most of your bands there are jazzy, piano ensembles – background music but then your favourite band of the moment comes on to play and you see this on BBC2 of all things:

What a beautiful mess.

I’m not sure if it can top that but here’s a more tuneful version of the song:

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The Mad Mackerel

Duquette Johnston Offers Up Cherry Blossom

Next week sees the release of Rabbit Runs A Destiny, the fourth studio album from Birmingham, Alabama native Duquette Johnston.

In advance of the big occasion, he has now released a third track from the record to tickle the earbuds and this time it is the excellent Cherry Blossom. It has a slightly more anxious feel than the previous songs we’ve heard, a fretful, plaintive vocal and some wonderfully ominous fuzzy guitar lines are counterbalanced by lovely harmonies and robust percussion.

With every new track we hear, we anticipate the whole album a little bit more. This is the best we’ve heard from Duquette Johnston yet and we’d highly recommend you head over to Pledge Music here to pre-order.

[Click through for a free download]

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a weekend in shanghai with parren and crew.

music, dancin, take-out and the most amazing dumplings i’ve ever tasted.


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