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Blow-Up Review

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I finally finished the 1966 film “Blow-Up” by Michelangelo Antonioni. In the film a fashion photographer seems to catch a murder on film when photographing two lovers in the park. For the most part I thought the movie was too slow and anticlimactic. Thinking about the point of the film, though, I was left with two feelings. One of emptiness and one of confusion.

Throughout the story, I felt that the photographer was attached to finding out the truth behind this murder. Yet, as the film ends, he is left without any clue or any lead as to what happened. He is forced to give up, and wanders away unsettled. It is this feeling of loss that I can relate to. There is a point when one must realize something is not going to happen. And that point tends to leave me feeling empty and purposeless; lost because I am suddenly directionless.

The second…

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i was going to do one more post about the kumbh mela, but that probably isn’t going to happen, since i’ve shared all the really good photos already.  instead, i’m going to demonstrate a really obvious point about photography.  in january, abby and i went to thailand, and while she brought along the digital olympus om-d, i brought along the leica m6 and some rolls of ilford delta 400, to do some street photography, because i’m stubborn that way.

my attempts at being garry winogrand and elliott erwitt weren’t particularly successful, so i also took the camera along on our tour day of bangkok, where we visited the royal palace, even though i figured it would be an exercise in futility.  and in some respects, it was.  compare abby’s photos of decorative statues with mine:

the dimensions are different because the olympus om-d has a micro 4/3s sensor, vs. the…

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Crisey Crazy

浮夸, 奢华的衣服珠宝,宴会布置,Gastby的黄色跑车,展示了那个疯狂享乐的年代。

Jay Gastby的覆灭是他自己的梦。他活在自己世界,带着自己拥有的一切去追回过去和Daisy。他的执着也是可以感动人的。Nick的You can’ t repeat the past显然不为接受。在他的世界里,一切都是为了对岸Daisy家晚上闪耀的绿光。 他的财富即使是非法的,是他自己创造的。



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Tragically Mainstream


Spoilers will follow. But you probably read this book in high school anyway, so you should go right ahead.

First things first: Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby is really fucking different from that book you read in high school. Fitzgerald’s novel is measured, subtle, and delicately crafted. Its title is ironic. It ends with a revelation of Gatsby’s hollowness. His grandstanding, elaborate public persona is but a paper-thin sham covering pathetic dreams.

Baz Luhrman, glorious grandiose cinematic man-child that he is, has no time for boring things like “subtletly” or “irony” or “ten minutes without any intense images or sound.” His Jay Gatsby is unapologetically great. His film preserves Gatsby’s history, but it reveals his deceptions at its midpoint rather than its end, and changes their presentation. Gatsby’s fabulations cease to be shameful marks of his hidden life, and instead become manifestations of his idealistic and incorruptible dream…

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Jenis Film Drama

Pemain Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston dan John Goodman

Produser Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck, George Clooney

Durasi 120 menit

Produksi Warner Bros Pictures

Sutradara Ben Affleck 

Siapa yang tidak takut ketika berada dalam situasi antara hidup dan mati? Berada dalam negara yang seluruh isinya mencari kita bagaikan manusia ditengah kota yang seluruhnya adalah “zombie.  Seperti yang dirasakan oleh Cora Lijek, Mark Lijek, Joe Stafford, Kathy Stafford, Lee Schatz, Dan Bob Anders dalam film Argo.

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Billy's Travel Album

After writing two depressing posts about Auschwitz, I really need to move on to somewhere happier to cheer myself up. Let’s go to Canary Islands.

Geographically Canary Islands should be considered as part of Africa as it’s near the north western part of Africa. However since politically it’s actually part of Spain, I classified this post in the Europe category. Lanzarote is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago and it is also the easternmost island.

Canary Islands is a very popular vacation destination for Europeans – especially in winter when most of the European countries are freezing. We heard that a lot of retired people in Britain actually lived on Canary Islands for the whole winter because the cost of hiring holiday apartments there is actually lower than the electric bills they need to pay in Britain to keep their home warm!

One interesting observation of Lanzarote…

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I took a walk along Williamsburg Bridge at just the right time of the evening, and this is the view back to Lower East Side and Two Bridges. At the risk of sounding completely like a tourist, it did look like something out of a movie. Like when the credits rolled on a movie from the 80’s and the sun was going down, and the camera panned away to a shot of the city and then everything slowly fades to black with that song playing that you suddenly recognise again when you hear it.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Click the photo to enlarge. Don’t forget to check out my other travel photos and other posts!

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