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Fighting the funk

Ray Charles Williams

I have been a bit quiet of late, at least on here, as I have been wading through boring life Admin that is sapping of both motivation and creativity.

I can feed off the crap usually, but then sometimes I allow it to flow over me, clogging my pores and choking my mouth, disabling and debilitating in one seemingly endless slew of shite (YAY).

I feel like I am somewhere near back to my old self, my old self being occasionally moribund, often morbid and always positively pessimistic.

In keeping with that here are a couple more poems I have written and performed, for your listening pleasure(?).

I will have a proper blog post up by the end of the week, once the funk has fully cleared.

As always comments, feedback and poem and blog suggestions are always welcome.

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LawrenceEz's Blog

The Pathetic Fallacy…attributing human feelings and characteristics to inanimate objects, pets, or nature (e.g. the weather).

Clearly, the technique has advantages and disadvantages.  In terms of scene setting and plot, the technique can bring about greater tension and intensity through foreshadowing:  hinting at what is in store.  On the other hand, people can often overuse a technique to the point where it becomes a cliché – hence, lazy writing that reveals nothing new.

I admit to liking the Pathetic Fallacy, especially in regards to stormy weather.  In the sample below from my current novel in progress, central character Gavin (18), a classical musician on a prestigious summer school piano course, has gone off for the day following complications with a girl on the course, Philippa.  Philippa has expressed a romantic interest in Gavin before springing a nasty surprise on him, and Gavin can’t cope with the humiliation. The scene is set in the north of…

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Walnut Rabbit

Ladies and Gentleman,

Due to unforeseen circumstances… Walnut rabbit has been updated! The little wordpress is no longer in the name as well as how many other upgrades have been applied. I don’t know what half of them actually do, but I think it is a step to marketing myself as writer and media creative individual. Nonetheless, I would like to thank those who have read and commented and even just glanced at my page.

I aim to write at least one article a day now and hopefully, I can start looking a bit more professional. You can also follow me on my twitter, specifically for the blog: @walnutrabbit.

Thanks guys 🙂

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Chittle Chattle

If you have, you MUST watch this!

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Sanity... is for the Weak!

The Navy had our Open House over the weekend, and the ship was out there on display!

Ship ahoy!

Despite the scorching heat and thronging crowds, the boys performed splendidly, engaging the public who came aboard with stories and explanations on what we do and how we hunt mines.

In all, it was a tiring weekend and yet spirits remained high as it was our chance to stand proud and share our love of the sea.

I think the public was also highly entertained, and were happy to get to see at first hand the men and ships that keep the waters safe and commerce flowing through our shores, as well as to see the hardware and experience the life at sea for mighty men of the Singapore Navy.


Rascally Little Pirates
I brought the little ones out to visit as well, and despite having lots of other ships to…

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