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The Pathetic Fallacy…attributing human feelings and characteristics to inanimate objects, pets, or nature (e.g. the weather).

Clearly, the technique has advantages and disadvantages.  In terms of scene setting and plot, the technique can bring about greater tension and intensity through foreshadowing:  hinting at what is in store.  On the other hand, people can often overuse a technique to the point where it becomes a cliché – hence, lazy writing that reveals nothing new.

I admit to liking the Pathetic Fallacy, especially in regards to stormy weather.  In the sample below from my current novel in progress, central character Gavin (18), a classical musician on a prestigious summer school piano course, has gone off for the day following complications with a girl on the course, Philippa.  Philippa has expressed a romantic interest in Gavin before springing a nasty surprise on him, and Gavin can’t cope with the humiliation. The scene is set in the north of…

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