Dislike Thumb Down Hand Icon Shows DispleasureToday at lunchtime I got a Wi-Fi hotspot working so I can now use my I-Pad at work—YAY!

I proceeded to do some net-surfing and ended up on Chuck Wendig’s site Terribleminds. (Seriously, if you’re a writer and have never been there, take yourself over right this minute—well, after you read this—it’s a great site and Chuck is a riot.) He had a post where he asked people to reveal what would make them stop reading a book.

Because the keypad for the I-Pad is still a bit awkward to use, I found my response took the form of a very spare bullet list—and I thought, hmmm, this looks like the beginnings of a blog post of my own. So I’m adding to the list I posted on Terrible Minds with a few expanded thoughts.

These are also reasons why I’ll stop watching a TV show or movie—story is…

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