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I was wondering when our students become interested In making friends. I used to teach year 9 and I found them (at least most of them!) more socially interested in their friends and themselves than the curriculum! Im thinking that if students are interested in making friends then their involvement or interest in SNS would start then too? I know of students who have lists of ‘friends’ say 200+ but they actually know about 50. Is it a status thing? I know that club penguin is a SNS for young students, so maybe this is the start? I found this slideshow of milestones (click picture for link) which I found quite interesting. It’s short and sweet- but quite informative. There are slideshows for all age groups. The site states:

Emotional Attributes
Traits: Usually affectionate, cheerful, outgoing, and helpful. Sometimes rude, selfish, bossy, or demanding. Keeps more secrets. Sensitive. Enjoys immediate…

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