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I was wondering when our students become interested In making friends. I used to teach year 9 and I found them (at least most of them!) more socially interested in their friends and themselves than the curriculum! Im thinking that if students are interested in making friends then their involvement or interest in SNS would start then too? I know of students who have lists of ‘friends’ say 200+ but they actually know about 50. Is it a status thing? I know that club penguin is a SNS for young students, so maybe this is the start? I found this slideshow of milestones (click picture for link) which I found quite interesting. It’s short and sweet- but quite informative. There are slideshows for all age groups. The site states:

Emotional Attributes
Traits: Usually affectionate, cheerful, outgoing, and helpful. Sometimes rude, selfish, bossy, or demanding. Keeps more secrets. Sensitive. Enjoys immediate…

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Aranui HighAranui PrimaryWainoni and Avondale will be closed to form a year 1 to year 13 school.

The schools will form one school on the Aranui High grounds.

One school proposed to merge, Chisnallwood Intermediate, will stay open.

Education Minister Hekia Parata announced the closures this afternoon.

The school populations of the four merged schools add up to about 1000, while Chisnallwood Intermediate has about 750 pupils.

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This is an amazingly challenging video from one of the great minds of our day, Seth Godin. If you’re at all interested in art, creativity and/or education, you must watch this video.

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The Annalist: Recording Events, Year by Year

What could be better reason to stay up a wee bit later than usual to skype a classroom of eager seven students from your old school? One of my highlights last week was just such a thing! The year I was in grade 12 I had the opportunity to be the teacher’s assistant for many of these students during their Grade 4 year.

This was certainly no microwave-cleaning and spelling list marking endeavour either – I was under direct supervision of an incredibly hands-on teacher who had no fears about handing me a lesson plan and saying”You’re teaching science tomorrow, complete with outdoor activity. Any questions?” I loved it, as well as the kids I got to work with for those five months.

As it so happens, this year that class is paired up with yet another great teacher, who is totally onboard for in-class skype sessions! I still keep…

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890xIn this, the last week of school, I’ve hoped to review, ponder, reflect on and learn from my experiences this year – both the good and the bad. I’m always trying to get better and be a model educator by being willing to learn on my own.

So here I go.

I’ve learned many lessons this year, but there is one that sticks out to me that can be summed up in one word: involvement. I, as an educator, need to be more involved in the lives of my students.

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Dislike Thumb Down Hand Icon Shows DispleasureToday at lunchtime I got a Wi-Fi hotspot working so I can now use my I-Pad at work—YAY!

I proceeded to do some net-surfing and ended up on Chuck Wendig’s site Terribleminds. (Seriously, if you’re a writer and have never been there, take yourself over right this minute—well, after you read this—it’s a great site and Chuck is a riot.) He had a post where he asked people to reveal what would make them stop reading a book.

Because the keypad for the I-Pad is still a bit awkward to use, I found my response took the form of a very spare bullet list—and I thought, hmmm, this looks like the beginnings of a blog post of my own. So I’m adding to the list I posted on Terrible Minds with a few expanded thoughts.

These are also reasons why I’ll stop watching a TV show or movie—story is…

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Ron's View


I finished Amanda Foreman’s long history A World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War two Fridays ago. I had started it back in March, when I wrote my initial post. Then I proceeded to read in spurts, stopping to read other books, until with 300 pages to go, it finally got hold of me and I stayed with it to the end (writing this post two weeks ago).

I have already quoted Rick Hertzberg’s comment in his detailed New Yorker review, in which he described the book as

an immensely ambitious and immensely accomplished—and just plain immense—work of narrative art. At a third of a million words sprawled over nearly a thousand pages, “A World on Fire” is not far south of “War and Peace.” Yet the pages fly like the wind—like “Gone with the Wind”—because there’s so much life, so much action…

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