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Corps BusinessI read this book in June 2002 by David H. Freedman.  It was the year before I went to MBA, and it made an impression on me.  I remember telling the HR director about it, and then seeing quotes from the book in one his presentations.

Whether you are a hawk or a dove (agree or disagree) with the US military’s goals – there are lessons to learn.  In fact, HBR recently dedicated an entire issue on leadership lesson from the military in 2010.

= = = The book review I wrote in 2002 in blue = = =

As you might expect from a book that parallels the military and business management, there are many references to training, discipline, order, and sacrifice.  However, a vast majority of the book gives a perspective of the US Marine Corps which is radically different than most people would expect.

Provided that…

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Four words: I MET MARISSA MEYER!!!!

Recently, Marissa went to a book signing at our local Costco. I said in my Cinder post that one of my friends is related to MM. She and her mom went with me, along with my friend K. We got there about half an hour to fifteen minutes early to get a good place in line. What do you know? There’s NO line! It was AWESOME!! Since we were the only ones there, and my friend and her mom knew her, we all got to talk to her for like an hour. Amazing. We got to converse with one of our most favorite authors ever! It was almost surreal. Since my friends and I are all writers, we got to talk to her about that and ask advice. She told us all kinds of stuff about the writing business.

Occasionally, people would come by…

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If you don’t want to hear about the same two projects again feel free to move along to the next blog in your feed reader.

I have knit another few rows on both Celestarium and the Vanilla Latte Socks. I am still only knitting the sock at Knit Night and when I am out and about. There hasn’t been much time for knitting when out and about though. I have taken so many photos of these two projects that I’m having a hard time telling which is the most current photo. Yeah, I’ve gotten that little done. I know I’m spending hours knitting Celestarium but with nearly 600 stitches per row it’s taking nearly an hour to get all the way around with bead and YO placement. Maybe next week there will be visible progress.

If you’d like to see real project progress be sure to visit Tami’s Amis…

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