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The Long and Winding Road...

Wandering WoesIf you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and haven’t faced wandering issues yet, count yourself fortunate. The reality is, the day is probably coming – whether at home or in a facility, things don’t always go as planned. However, there are a few excellent services available through the Alzheimer’s Association that can serve as a safety net in the event that your loved one does wander off. You can read more about these safeguards in How to Combat Wandering Worries on

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Words by Matt Willis

As Honda owners ourselves, one of the events Tim and I have been attending for the last several years is the annual Eibach Springs All-Honda Meet, colloquially known as just Eibachwithin the community. Much like MFest to BMW enthusiasts, or the recent Toyotafest for the Toyota crowd, Eibach is – in a sense – the yearly “Mecca” for most Honda and Acura owners in southern California and beyond.

It was only a couple of years ago when the meet was held in it’s native venue, the Eibach Springs production facility in Corona, CA. At that time, even Tim and I were able to tell the lot at Eibach HQ was too small for the rapidly growing amount of attendees, and it was causing cars to back up into the main streets for several blocks at a time. Aside from all the unwanted attention from Corona…

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