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“Several years ago, I became disabled.  Following an injury, I discovered a dark secret of that horrible polio’: it can come back to haunt you, rendering you severely incapacitated even if you seemed to have escaped unscathed!  A little more writing stuttered out as my mobility was eroded.”

Steve K. Smy. Author

The words of Steve K. Smy taken from his autobiography. His story is inspirational. He is determined to beat the odds. Growing up, “laughter was never far away” . Steve was born into ” a world of hope” which probably contributed to his positive attitude and resilience. Steve , father of three, knows and understands the importance of family. He wrote, “Having a wife and children, and now grandchildren, makes the desire to be an author pale into insignificance.”

EVIL UNDER THE CIRCLE ( Part 2 of G1: The Guardians)

Published: April 17…

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