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Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching a new sci-fi tv show called Defiance. Halfway through the fourth episode I suddenly thought to myself “I’m gonna give this show 2 series before it gets cancelled” – I really enjoy Defiance but it is they way things usually go with great sci-fi tv shows, they tend to be brilliantly entertaining and fun to watch with amazing characters and then just when it gets really interesting the show gets cancelled.

Futurama, firefly, Angel, Dollhouse, outcasts (if you ever heard of that) to name but a few of my favourites. But it does seem that sci-fi shows do get a bad deal when they’re put on a major network.


And it’s not like there’s not an audience for these shows. The best example I could think of is Firefly. (Futurama might have been better but I’ve already written about that) Firefly is…

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I love Mad Men.  But I do not love Don Draper…

He’s had an absolutely horrific childhood.  But hold up, hold UP…since when is that a free pass to be awful to everyone??

You may as well steal an iPad from the shop and say “I WAS BULLIED AS A CHILD, I NEED THIS!”
(Please don’t.)

The deal with Don:
We know as a kid he was kicked around and beaten and shown no love.  Plus (spoiler alert) he was basically sexually assaulted by a prostitute, we have recently discovered 😦
So in adulthood, he leeches on others (invariably women) to fill the void.  Which kinda explains his behaviour, as well as adding to his sense of tragedy.

Q: Does this make him adorably vulnerable, or a bit of a leeching douchebag?
A: Douchebag.

Here’s why we should use sympathy sparingly, as far as our Don is concerned:
Let’s say you were…

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The Sonia Show

Yeah, so, watching TV with me isn’t as awesome as you think.

I know, I know. You probably think watching TV with me is amazing; that I sit here and spout amazing, thoughtful insights. The truth is … well, not so much.

Tonight, mighty, mighty good man David and I were watching the San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies game. The Rockies have a pitcher named Josh Outman. The following conversation actually happened.

Me: Do you think when he strikes someone out he says, “You’re out, man,” and then gives them the finger guns? *gives David the finger guns*

David: Maybe.

Me: It seems like a missed opportunity to me.

David: It is.


Me: Don’t you love watching sports with me?

David: I really do.

Also, while watching Giants games, we constantly see the same commercials. Most of them are only…

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Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio marks his second feature film and while he may not have many films under his belt just yet, his latest effort proves that he’s going to be a force in the industry in the very near future. In the 1970’s, a British sound technician is brought to Italy to work on the sound effects for a gruesome horror film. His nightmarish task slowly takes over his psyche, driving him to confront his own past.

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American Glob

This documentary was directed by Dan Hayes, the younger brother of Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard.

The film’s website describes the movie this way:

Honor Flight is a heartwarming documentary about four living World War II veterans and a Midwest community coming together to give them the trip of a lifetime. Volunteers race against the clock to fly thousands of WWII veterans to Washington, DC to see the memorial constructed for them in 2004, nearly 60 years after their epic struggle.

Here’s the trailer.

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Hankerin' For Horror

Slasher films would be a contender for the bottom slot if I were to rank the horror genres in order of my preference. However, they make sense as a starting point to this blog for a couple of reasons: I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I saw the best horror film I’ve seen in some time last night and it thoroughly embraced the classic slasher formula.

Admittedly, in my early years I adored what few entries into the genre I was exposed to on television, particularly Psycho (1960 dir. Alfred Hitchcock), Peeping Tom (1960, dir. Michael Powell) and Dementia 13 (1963, dir. Francis Ford Coppola). Dementia 13 doesn’t seem to be remembered by younger generations. Perhaps now that ghost stories are coming into vogue again people will start to appreciate the atmospheric spookiness that it achieved. Despite centering on an axe wielding lunatic it shared as many attributes with…

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