I love Mad Men.  But I do not love Don Draper…

He’s had an absolutely horrific childhood.  But hold up, hold UP…since when is that a free pass to be awful to everyone??

You may as well steal an iPad from the shop and say “I WAS BULLIED AS A CHILD, I NEED THIS!”
(Please don’t.)

The deal with Don:
We know as a kid he was kicked around and beaten and shown no love.  Plus (spoiler alert) he was basically sexually assaulted by a prostitute, we have recently discovered 😦
So in adulthood, he leeches on others (invariably women) to fill the void.  Which kinda explains his behaviour, as well as adding to his sense of tragedy.

Q: Does this make him adorably vulnerable, or a bit of a leeching douchebag?
A: Douchebag.

Here’s why we should use sympathy sparingly, as far as our Don is concerned:
Let’s say you were…

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