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Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching a new sci-fi tv show called Defiance. Halfway through the fourth episode I suddenly thought to myself “I’m gonna give this show 2 series before it gets cancelled” – I really enjoy Defiance but it is they way things usually go with great sci-fi tv shows, they tend to be brilliantly entertaining and fun to watch with amazing characters and then just when it gets really interesting the show gets cancelled.

Futurama, firefly, Angel, Dollhouse, outcasts (if you ever heard of that) to name but a few of my favourites. But it does seem that sci-fi shows do get a bad deal when they’re put on a major network.


And it’s not like there’s not an audience for these shows. The best example I could think of is Firefly. (Futurama might have been better but I’ve already written about that) Firefly is…

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