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Life of a College Graduate

I have strongly disliked this commercial from the first moment I saw it. The reason? Social Media is a legitimate marketing tool that should be taken seriously. This commercial makes it look like a joke. I think that Social Media Marketing is something in which every company should partake to reach a larger audience and be able to target specific market segments on different platforms. With technology growing as rampantly as it is, it is necessary for companies to have a digital presence in order to be taken seriously. If a company doesn’t have a website or can’t be found on Facebook, it tends to be overlooked for one that can be found online.

That being said, this commercial takes a very important marketing tool and turns it into a joke. I, for one, find that slightly offensive since digital marketing is what I do. As far as advertising its…

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A-Z Blogging Tips and Tricks

Social MediaSocial media methods are a element of most organizations these days. Nonetheless, the time and expenditure on these media platforms differs. Operating a social media campaign on a funds can be tough. Massive companies have massive budgets and entire departments operating on their social media campaigns and they can be very intense with the freebies they provide to intrigued clients. This is entirely opposite to the fact that social media was intended to be utilised by one man or woman reaching out to an additional and sharing details which speedily turned popular! Primarily based on this premise, you ought to know that you could simply use the internet and this platform to generate a simple but effective marketing campaign.

Listed here are a handful of ideas that may well be valuable if you are searching forward to working a campaign on a spending budget:

  • Produce the proper material – Articles…

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The most popular video uploading platform YouTube is now 8 years old. Launched on May 19, 2005, it now sees more than 100 hours of video being uploaded per minute: that’s more than 4 days of Audio-Visual content every 60 seconds.

But the supply isn’t as staggering when compared to the demand. As per YouTube’s estimates, more than one billion people visit YouTube every month for content. That’s almost India’s entire population (the second most populated country in the world) and nearly one in every two people who have Internet access.

YouTube has a sustained year-on-year growth: in 2011 users uploaded 48 hours of YouTube video each minute; the hours went up to 72 last year. Since the last 8 years, YouTube has managed to remain a growing platform which is great because of the magnitude of the numbers involved.

For start-ups, YouTube is a great platform to reach out…

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A peek at TEP's Twitter feed

  • Twitter, the popular microblogging site that allows users to post 140-character “tweets,” both intrigues and irritates faculty, according to a Faculty Focus survey. Some embrace it as a clever way to teach concision and get students writing, thinking, and connecting with the course material and one another. Others consider it distracting and antithetical to sophisticated communication.

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It might seem an oxymoron that the world’s most admired company can have an image problem. But the backlash that hit Apple in 2010 after a spate of worker suicides at its outsourced assembly plant in Shenzhen, underscored that reputation is now much more than just great products and profits. Ethical behaviour increasingly matters, especially when millions of consumers on social media are ready to be judge and jury.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks have now become mainstream, such is their increasing materiality. Today, companies face investor scrutiny on not just how they perform financially, but with stakeholders groups that include employees, suppliers, customers, NGOs, regulators, and the wider community. In Asia employee unrest and tightening environmental standards are emerging as two of the biggest flashpoints.

Already this year in Hong Kong, a 40-day strike by dockers put local hong Hutchison Whampoa under the uncomfortable glare of global media…

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Drink Tea Be Social

twitter_logoWill security issues be a pivotal point where we could see a possibly decline in the social media giant? If high profile hackings are to continue, this may very well be the only reason why people would consider leaving.

There are plenty of reasons why Twitter is so appealing to users. It is almost impossible not to hate it. So what is lacking from Twitter? A beef up in their security measures.

One after another, there has been a continuous rise in the number of high profile hacking. The latest would be the UK’s broadcast mogul Sky; who had their android apps and Twitter accounts compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). Sky isn’t the only victim to have fallen to the SEA. A string of media companies such as The Onion, NPR, The Associated Press, CBS, The Guardian, BBC and so on.

The team behind SEA made their…

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Special Little People


I know – a bit of a step away from ‘kids and aromatherapy’ however this is an interesting debate – how kids need to be made aware of their digital brand or footprint – check this out

Because theirs will indeed be the first generation which will have an established digital footprint even before they consider how to put together a CV… in fact it begs the question, will a CV even be necessary?

Some might argue that this is a stretch too far – let them be kids – but the impact on their future could be very positive (if properly managed) and pretty dire if ignored. By the time they have kids of their own they will of course be able to guide the younger generation as how best to manage their online profile, in fact they may even run this as part of the school…

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While writing the future proofing of marketing post recently , it also occurred to me that we have a generation of kids now becoming serious adults who have grown up immersed in the web 2.0. They are a different breed, even different to their almost generational siblings born in the late 70’s and 80’s who were around in the development days, these kids leaving school now did not know a world without an i in front of it.


The sale of 6 year old Tumblr, created by a young high-school dropout David Karp for $1.1 billion, to Yahoo this week just highlights the point. Whilst there are not many smart enough, motivated enough, and commercially capable enough to create a startup that turns into a billion dollar baby, we are not teaching our kids anything like the creativity, agility of mind, and determination necessary to do so.

It scares…

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What is the easiest way to attract fans to your Facebook page? Comedy! A funny post/picture has a substantially greater chance of getting liked, shared, or click-through (the ultimate goal.) So how can you come up with a funny post?

Take your company’s product/message and make it funny! For instance, when red bull pokes fun at it’s tagline “Red Bull Gives You Wings” with its animated commercials. They’re amusing but ultimately advertise the product. Similarly did a similar thing with their video that comedically answered questions about their product while remaining very funny. Even taking the latest Internet meme and revamping it for your brand/competitor could be the image it takes your brand to gain more fans on Facebook!

So why would you want to be funny on Facebook? It not only makes your company seem more easily reachable, it also gives people something for participating with your company…

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What Is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is new flavor in marketing. Basically it is “communicating value” to market through digital gadgets like desktop computers, smartphones, tablet computers etc. Internet marketing is the major portion of digital marketing that is why on most occasions these terms are used interchangeably. Internet Marketing has five major types:

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