What is the easiest way to attract fans to your Facebook page? Comedy! A funny post/picture has a substantially greater chance of getting liked, shared, or click-through (the ultimate goal.) So how can you come up with a funny post?

Take your company’s product/message and make it funny! For instance, when red bull pokes fun at it’s tagline “Red Bull Gives You Wings” with its animated commercials. They’re amusing but ultimately advertise the product. Similarly dollarshaveclub.com did a similar thing with their video that comedically answered questions about their product while remaining very funny. Even taking the latest Internet meme and revamping it for your brand/competitor could be the image it takes your brand to gain more fans on Facebook!

So why would you want to be funny on Facebook? It not only makes your company seem more easily reachable, it also gives people something for participating with your company…

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