The most popular video uploading platform YouTube is now 8 years old. Launched on May 19, 2005, it now sees more than 100 hours of video being uploaded per minute: that’s more than 4 days of Audio-Visual content every 60 seconds.

But the supply isn’t as staggering when compared to the demand. As per YouTube’s estimates, more than one billion people visit YouTube every month for content. That’s almost India’s entire population (the second most populated country in the world) and nearly one in every two people who have Internet access.

YouTube has a sustained year-on-year growth: in 2011 users uploaded 48 hours of YouTube video each minute; the hours went up to 72 last year. Since the last 8 years, YouTube has managed to remain a growing platform which is great because of the magnitude of the numbers involved.

For start-ups, YouTube is a great platform to reach out…

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