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Daler Mehndi "The King Of Bhangra"


It’s an installation art that immerses a visitor in light, which depicts the five elements of nature — air, water, fire, earth and void. The light and sound show, pegged as among the biggest installation artworks in the region, will be inaugurated shortly at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Memorial, located along NH-1 near the Singhu Border.
The inauguration is scheduled for later this month.

The concept draws from the phrase “Hind ki Chadar”, a popular reference to Guru Tegh Bahadur, and brings to life “Kudrat ki Chadar” — the elements of nature. The immersive experience will be known as “Panchatantra”, Delhi Tourism officials said.”Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has composed the music, Daler Mehndi has sung the opening and Maheep Singh has written the introduction script with Om Puri and Kabir Bedi doing the Hindi and English voice-overs, respectively,” General Manager of Delhi Tourism Binay Bhushan said.

The show has…

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What's Poppin' in Pop Culture


Image Credits: Emblem3 Google+ Page

Here’s a treat for Emblem3 fans: the boys decided to debut their new music video for “Chloe (You’re The One I Want” a few hours early!

“Chloe” is the first single off of Emblem3’s currently untitled debut album which is scheduled to be released later this year.

The song has been making airways for quite sometime now. It is a catchy tune about the boy’s yearning for the attention of a female love interest that is constantly in her sister’s shadow.


Image Credits: Salma Lopez’s YouTube Account

Emblem3’s video for “Chloe” is fun and light-hearted. It shows the boys performing live, as if to show that they are singing this song directly to Chloe. They also feature various scenes where random girls receive buttons that say “I’m a Chloe” on them to make them feel special. One thing I like about these parts of the…

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Moombahton and old school rave unite


Download here


This week on THUMP: Anything Goes with Bro Safari! So we shouldn’t really be surprised by his newest dirty south syrup-drinking anthem, “Burn the Block”, a team-up between the Texas mostly-moombahton producer and another old school rave veteran.

Bro Safari and San Francisco based producer UFO have their free record, Animal, dropping on May 22 via Bro Safari’ssoundcloud page.  In the meantime, luckily for you, “Burn the Block” is available here for a free download.

THUMP is a new electronic music and culture channel from VICE, in partnership with Recreation Worldwide. Launching in 2013 as electronic music and dance culture continues to resonate across the globe, THUMP is set to become a definitive voice for a movement that is transforming culture and uniting young people into a fanatically devoted community. With a focus on the full range of electronic music and culture, from…

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After a successful launch with two sold out performances at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last October, Sensation returns for an extended US tour this fall with events in Miami, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas!

For the overall feel of the Barclays Center events watch the after movie here

Here’s a link to the 2013 announcement trailer:

Sensation is offering a very special promotion where they invite fans to be“Club Members.” As a Club Member fans get access to the Pre-Sale and exclusive updates on Sensation. To become a club member fans need only to fill out a form here: It’s a great way to get early access to tickets.

Sensation was launched in 2000 by Dutch company ID&T and has since become the largest global dance music eventexperience. To date, ID&T has produced over 80 Sensation shows worldwide before millions of people. It’s truly mostspectacular dance and music phenomena in the world…all in a sea of white

Don’t forget to arrive in white.

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Aimee Herman

Sometimes, one needs to walk outside of comfort zone, whether it be scooping out the wounds from a body to give voice on a stage or sitting across from another beneath a late night New York City sky. Life is meant to be understood, but these understandings take time. I translate one part of my body and then it changes its mind and suddenly I have to start all over. This is ok because this body isn’t on loan; I don’t need to return it by a certain date. We have some time to get to know each other and change directions.

I told someone once, I walk outside my comfort zone each time I wake up.

So, here I am. Up. Awake. Aware that just the other day, I allowed myself to feel music coat me in a way that was always private. Took my ukelele…

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Life of Mila

Willow smith, I didn’t know this song was made by you, but you’re like what? NINE in this video and got more jiggy and swag than the most people ever will have!.. Now that’s impressive! You go girl!

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Nigel Ip | Visual Arts Writer

After realising it was too late to try and get tickets for the Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901 exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery, I ended up coming across this rather large exhibition at Somerset House. Exhibiting in 17 rooms (!), the showcase focuses on the use of landscape in all areas of photography. The displays vary from astrophotography, such as Voyager 1’s Solar System Portrait: Earth as a Pale Dot (1990) and the Cassini Spacecraft’s Saturn and its Moon, Dione (2005), to text-based landscapes like Maine (2009) by conceptual artist Susan Evans.

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“Heaven’s Virginia when the year’s at its Spring,” Anne Spencer wrote in her poem on Browning. Reading the recent post, “Spring and All” ( in Prufrock’s Dilemma, I thought about Spencer. Spring and gardens and flowers always bring her poems to mind, like the evocative phrase in “Lines to a Nasturtium”:

“Day-torch, Flame-flower, cool-hot Beauty . . .”

I thought about Spencer, reading Susan Scheid’s post, because Susan provides thoughts and images about spring. She also features photography of Valerie Belin: “piled-up negatives made people’s faces into gardens.” And that took me right into Anne Spencer, through, and out the other side.

We know that she was many things – woman, wife, mother, poet, gardener, teacher and librarian, more. She wrote in a cottage built for her by her husband, where she could work in quiet, surrounded by her garden. I always thought of her like that, surrounded by the…

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