Visual Pursuits

RETRO REVIEW: This catalogue essay accompanied an exhibition of paintings by Richard Dunlop, Still Life, Still Death: ANZAC Memorials and Other New Paintings (31st March – 31st April 2011 @ James Makin Gallery)

In this exhibition Richard Dunlop reveals a deep sensitivity to the essential fragility of life in all forms, and the tenuous beauty that arises from a transient state of being. Notions of death, life and war are all referenced throughout the exhibition – however the real territory explored is not war in itself, but what happens in its aftermath. In particular the importance Australian society places on keeping the memory of past World Wars alive and present, and the rituals and markers employed to facilitate this maintenance of memory, a memory of events that only a few remaining soldiers experienced first-hand. In exploring this realm Dunlop displays an ability to express through visual media, profound sentiments that…

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