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My Expensive Trash

It's not crazy. It's Passionate!


If ever there was a moment for slow motion photography, it just happened 2 minutes ago and YOU missed it. It occurred as my Mom (aka mother-in-law) and I dug through the trash and came to the last plastic bag in the bottom of the trash can. Digging with gloves through the yuck, grudgingly, as I was sure the trash with the large amount of money I had lost had already gone out, I had finally given in to her wishes to dig through all of this and now we were at the final bag of disgusting. She ripped it open and as she did I spotted the green bundle at the same moment she did. We both screamed and I grabbed the bundle of cash I had thought was gone forever. And then, for me, everything did go in to slow motion. I looked up at my Mom and…

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Surface Interest

egyptian quilt 1Image:

One of the things that bums me out is wanting to move onto my next obsession when I can’t.  This happens to me quite often so you would think I’d be used to it by now.  But I’m not.

I have a l o n g time to wait this go round.  You see, I am currently at the end of my second year of studying Arabic and I have, at least, another year to go to accomplish my goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it AND I’m not done with it yet!  So I will probably study another two years.  There is nothing better for me than to get my brain twisted around a complicated language like this!  But now I have this new obsession – I want to lean how to quilt.  (Please don’t ask how this came about.)  Since I have other obligations like…

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My hubby and I’s wedding anniversary is coming up and I’ve been trying to plan something fun for us to do. Our wedding was a lot of fun as we had to drive 3300 miles round trip from Montana to Michigan for it. The weather worked out for us as well, it was sunny for most of the day, but started to rain as we said our I do’s. Everyone went running inside and the rain let up. I’ve heard rain on your wedding day means good fortune. : )


Here’s a photo of us. I made the veil, the bouquet, and ribbon tie for the bouquet. Rebecca Laarman was our photographer for the day, she does lovely work and was a lot of fun at our wedding, you should check her out sometime!

Since our wedding anniversary is coming up soon I thought a treasury based on falling in like with…

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I’ve long had doubts about my idea for this one. I had first selected venae cavae (the plural of vena cava) many months ago, but I wasn’t sure it was the best option. I hemmed and hawed for a ridiculously long time. There are obviously a lot of veins in the body (about 30,000 MILES worth in each person), and plenty of other anatomical terms that start with V, but I kept coming back to the biggest veins of all. And I’m pretty happy with the results, so let’s check it out.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.47.13 PM

The superior vena cava and inferior vena cava, collectively called the venae cavae (very fun to say: VEE-nee CAY-vee), return deoxygenated blood from the body to the heart, specifically to the right atrium. The right side of the heart then pumps the blood on to the lungs to get rid of carbon dioxide and pick up oxygen. The…

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The Daily Jorge

In a few hours, I will be 17. So, I’ll give you all a few things.

First, is a rap.

I look up at the sky, the red and yellow streaks
Painting the dark sky purple, over majestic white peaks.
The grey clouds spit fire, the whirling air speaks,
over an earth silently moving, very much the opposite of weak.

The stones eventually crumbled, but then built again,
The fire was harnessed, for the warmth brought not by wind,
We borrowed and lent, and stole and bent,
But the same stones and fires brought many do their end.

We mis-construct and misconstrue,
We learn from our mistakes just to make them anew.
Nothing lasts forever, but we make it come true
We have so much potential, be we don’t do everything we can do.

We can harness wind, earth, water, and fire,
We could easily keep ourselves climbing higher and…

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I have a number of interests, not all directly related, and I like to share them. Also, in my internet browsing, I stumble across many articles, videos, etc that take my fancy. So here, I shall write about them. I’ll only write down three at a time, or I may run out! So:

1. London, 1926. This video is fascinating, showing just how much London has changed in the last 87 years. The City in particular is MUCH different. It’s rare to see films this early, in this high quality, and in colour. Amazing footage.

2. I came across the link to that video on the website of food creative Rachel Khoo. I will admit to only discovering Rachel last weekend, after watching her program “Little Paris Kitchen” on SBS On Demand. I loved the first episode, and am very much looking forward to watching this week’s episode…

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A Crowded Hour

Nobody likes being told by a supermodel how to bake a cake.

A beautiful supermodel who is also the perfect housewife, trading up for healthy ingredients and producing the cake to complement the most beautiful little party.

The perfect mother. And a mother attached to one of the world’s most recognisable faces/bodies/dimples.

I don’t buy it.

Well then how do I see the birthday unfolding? I imagine it to have been a beautiful little party where the small gathering ate a ridiculous cake from which the fun had been sucked. I imagine it to have been prepared by the personal chef from a recipe provided by the personal dietitian and that when the cute-as-can-be babe let forth a huff and a puff aimed at the handful of candles adorning the cake, it mistakenly knocked the supermodel clean from her feet with its baby-force. And then smiled at its nanny.

Miranda Kerr

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The Style Voyager


Photographs by hyper-gifted Inga Beckmann

I’m very excited to be part of Reiss Spirit of Summer campaign along side with Gala Gonzalez, Marcus Jaye and Matthew Zorpas from London, Sydney Summer from L.A. and Laura Farrant from Dubai. I picked and styled a few of my favourite items from Reiss SS2013 and completed a Q&A. Read the feature below!



And of course… Some goodies for my readers!

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101 Books

I need a shower.

No, really, I need a shower. I know that I started off my review of Dog Soldierswith the same phrase. But that was a joke. A ha-ha funny, lame joke.

But when I finished Portnoy’s Complaint, I literally needed a shower. My skin felt like it was covered in yuckiness, nastiness just from exposing my cranial tissue (is that something?) to that novel.

What’s so sad about this is how much I loved my first experience with Philip Roth’s writing: American Pastoral was outstanding. But Portnoy’s Complaint, despite Roth’s engaging and funny writing style, was just too much.

As I mentioned in my post, How Many C Words Is Too Many C Words?, reading this novel seems similar to what reading the transcript of a porn movie might be like. A literary, highly-acclaimed porn movie, but a porn movie nonetheless.

Let me…

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