The Daily Jorge

In a few hours, I will be 17. So, I’ll give you all a few things.

First, is a rap.

I look up at the sky, the red and yellow streaks
Painting the dark sky purple, over majestic white peaks.
The grey clouds spit fire, the whirling air speaks,
over an earth silently moving, very much the opposite of weak.

The stones eventually crumbled, but then built again,
The fire was harnessed, for the warmth brought not by wind,
We borrowed and lent, and stole and bent,
But the same stones and fires brought many do their end.

We mis-construct and misconstrue,
We learn from our mistakes just to make them anew.
Nothing lasts forever, but we make it come true
We have so much potential, be we don’t do everything we can do.

We can harness wind, earth, water, and fire,
We could easily keep ourselves climbing higher and…

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