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Buttons may be one of the more underrated items that we sell at M&J. Many people overlook the beauty that buttons have. Here at M&J we have an entire store devoted to them. We’ve rounded up several Button DIY tutorials in order to show you some great ways of incorporating buttons into your wardrobe.  Both I Spy DIY and Crazy for Collars created beautiful bracelets while Glitter n Glue made ridiculously stylish rings. These buttons are simply too pretty so be hidden.

I SPY DIYI Spy DIY Button Bracelet DIY

Glitter n GlueGlitter N Glue DIY Button Statement Rings

Crazy for CollarsCrazy for Collars DIY Button Bracelet

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Refined Geekery

So take this all with a grain of salt… Lord knows the relationship between Dan Harmon and NBC was strained when last they worked together. Now much of that tension was due to Chevy Chase, and now that he is gone, it is possible that bridges could be re-built. Anyway, the story goes (via Vulture): 

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WEB 285 Online Entertainment vs Traditional TV Radio Media


Cable marketing schemes in some areas is MONOPOLISTIC.  Online internet entertainment will overtake what passes for for a fee paid entertainment .Subscribers pay ridiculous fees to view 500 channels of often nothings on so lets buy a pay for view movie. Quirky  content,  soiling over 500 channels deliver mediocre reams of made for DVD ONE STAR movie  productions, incredible bad sequel , insulting reality tv, talent shows, talkng heads, home shopping channels, and worst offenders are the attempts to recreate th movie classic with special effects. Thankfully, the saving grace is plenty of the decent pre last 10 years  productions, and a plethora of classic movies that are timelessly re-watchable..  Has humanity become this easily amused ?

Free digital local broadcast viewing, while  free in cost your viewing  demands intolerable  commercial as an impositional charge…

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Young Progressive Voices


With impeccable delivery and hard-hitting points, Ken Robinson’s meme-worthy talk on TED (seriously, I put several quotes aside to put to images) has been watched in excess of a million times. And for good reason, too — this is something every single American needs to hear. There are many pressing issues at hand, but this is one of the most important. How long can we continue to let our education system fail generations of students?


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James C Holland

Last Monday we put on our Brighton Festival edition of Charity Chuckle with Robin Ince at the Warren Theatre. In the run up to the event we had a lot of celebrity support on Twitter. Just out of nowhere! I can only think they were big fans of the charity, Victim Support and wanted us all to have a great night. Which we did. Thanks guys.


First to come forward on Twitter was Justin Belieber:


justin belieber

Then the great and powerful geek, Bill Gate:

bill gate

TV’s Dr Whom added his name to the cause. Quite literally revealing his name before the final episode of the series. (If you watch it again he does say “Pete”. It sounds like “Please!” But actually it’s “Pete.”)


dr whom

And finally Eurovision’s Bonnie Tyler, threw her hat in the ring, shortly before romping to sucess in the aforementioned continental sing-off.



Alright, she lost. But…

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All In Spare Time

Ty Burrell Modern Family

READ: More Emmy Nomination Predictions

Last week I started my predictions for this year’s Emmy Award nominations with my guesses for who the Television Academy will select for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Over the next several weeks leading up to the announcement of the nominations on July 18, I will continue posting my thoughts on who will make the cut in all of the major categories. Next up…Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series!

This category has been dominated by the men of Modern Family since the show’s debut in 2009 — the last three winners have all come from that cast (two wins for Eric Stonestreet and one for Ty Burrell), and for the past two years the Modern Family guys have claimed four out of the six nomination slots. With an overabundance of talented men to consider for this category, I think the Academy may be…

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No One Goes To Vacation In Cleveland


It’s time for another season of The Bachelorette!  This season features Desiree Hartsock, an early favorite from Sean’s season of The Bachelor who faded at the end and finished in fourth place in the competition for Sean’s affection.  Desiree was a fan favorite who was also selected based on having the ideal combination of sluttiness and substance that this show aims for.

The primary focus of this week’s recap is going to be an introduction to the guys who will be competing for Desiree’s heart.  I’m going to cover the beginning and end of the episode briefly, but I’ll cover most of the episode through the introduction to the guys.

To start the episode we see Desiree roll up to her new Malibu mansion in a small silver sedan that seems like it’s on the verge of breaking down.  (I feel fairly confident the noises were added by production, and…

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