Want to know what it was like on the set of “Aliens”? How did Arnold transform into “The Terminator”? #ThrowbackThursday brings you behind-the-scenes content from Valhalla Entertainment’s (@valhallapics) CEO Gale Anne Hurd (@GunnerGale) and her extensive film career. Gale’s body of work spans more than 20 years and has garnered critical and popular recognition, among her credits are box office smashes like “The Terminator”, “T2: Judgment Day”, “The Abyss”, “Aliens”, and “Armageddon”. You’ll also get some sneak peeks into some of the more indie pieces, like “Clockstoppers” and “Tremors”. Every Thursday a new piece of content from one of Gale’s projects will be featured on the Valhalla Entertainment blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday. Throwback Thursdays debuts tomorrow May 30th, so check back for exclusive features on your favorite productions and the artists involved in their making!

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