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Los Angeles: Singer Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend Jordan Ozuna is reportedly a married woman, claims her estranged mother-in-law Kim.

Bieber was recently seen getting cosy with Las Vegas-based waitress Ozuna, 22. However, according to Kim, Ozuna is still married to her son Daniel. The duo is said to have married at a young age and filed for divorce after a couple of years of marriage, reports The Sun.

“She’s still married. They’ve been separated a good year. They were very young when they got married. They’ll figure it out on their own,” The Sun quoted Kim as saying.

“They’re probably in the process of getting divorced,” she added.

Asked what is her reaction on Ozuna’s hook-up with Bieber, Kim said: “I’m not surprised.”



New Delhi: Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has a huge fan base in India, if one goes by the number of ‘likes’ on her official Facebook fanpage from the country. After Mexico and the Phillipines, maximum fans from India have liked the international celebrity’s page.

Cyrus’ page has received 15,04, 449 ‘likes’ from Indian fans, while the maximum ‘likes’ – 18,05,292 – came from fans in Mexico, followed by 16,76,449 likes from those in the Phillipines.

The “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker thanked her fans.

“Woohoo! I am happy that fans all over are liking my music and me, its crazy how it is. You can be what you want to be, India you guys rock, it’s awesome!#WeCantStop rite? (sic),” Cyrus said in a statement.

The Sony Music artist has been busy in the studio working on her still untitled RCA Records debut, which will release later this year. She has collaborated with producers and songwriters like Mike Will, Pharrell, Future, and for this album.

“Getting alive for one summer!” is how Sister Cristina encapsulates ‘Hummingbird’. This film has layers that intriguingly unfurl. At the core of it is an interesting story of a gangster and a nun.

This film, which spans over a period of eight months from spring to autumn, uses the small petite Hummingbird beautifully as an analogy since it makes its presence felt in Britain during this period.

Set in London over a period spanning February to October, writer-director Steven Knight’s film highlights the redemption of the protagonist and issues like – the police turning a blind eye to prostitution, human trafficking, homelessness, violence and more that haunt the small denominators of society.

The film begins in a rudimentary documentary style, against the military and socio-political backdrop of Afghanistan, where a special commanding officer delivers “justice”, his way. And then abruptly moves on to the back alleys of London, where the local drug peddlers unabashedly punches drug addicts and then chases a drugged couple, god knows for what!

This initial 15 minutes of the film leaves the audience bemused trying to grasp the link to make some semblance of the story, and this is no dream sequence.

The chased dishevelled, uncombed drug addict is Joseph aka Joey, the former Special Forces Commander on the run from a military court martial. He breaks into a plush vacant apartment and realises that the flat belongs to some fashion photographer called Damon, who is away in New York for three months. So he illegally occupies the flat.

Taking this as a cue to turn his life around, Joey ditches the booze and drugs, cuts off his long unkempt hair changes into the well-tailored suit, and uses the flat owner’s credit card which he finds in the piled up post. Suddenly he has everything. He then goes out in search of his girlfriend Isabel, who he had left behind while he was being chased.

But then over time he gets the news that Isabel is murdered. He goes into denial but his past in Afghanistan too haunts him and he hallucinates – the humming birds.

Out on the streets he bumps into an old acquaintance from Afghanistan – Cristina, who now is a nun with the Sisters of Redemption. With her Christian faith, Cristina tries to change him “into a good man”.

What follows is a series of interesting and funny sequences that lead to the climax. The mushy and over-emotional romantic moments coupled with the well chiselled one-liners between Joey and Cristina will keep you asking for more.

The script backs the rough and tough Jason Statham as Joey and the unassuming Agata Buzek as Sister Cristina. Their characterisation and convincing back story, revealed through a series of flash backs, makes it impossible to disbelieve the situations and the narrative.

The cinematography by Chris Menges evocatively captures London’s underbelly. Overall, the high production values, boosted by Menges’ visual instincts, John Casali’s eclectic sound mix and composer Dario Marianelli’s stirring score, elevates the debut effort of Steven Knight.

The following is an excerpt from National Geographic.
It was a stunning discovery: the first unlooted imperial tomb of the Wari, the ancient civilization that built South America’s earliest empire between 700 and 1000 A.D. Yet it wasn’t happiness that Milosz Giersz felt when he first glimpsed gold in the dim recesses of the burial chamber in northern Peru.
Giersz, an archaeologist at the University of Warsaw in Poland, realized at once that if word leaked out that his Polish-Peruvian team had discovered a 1,200-year-old “temple of the dead” filled with precious gold and silver artifacts, looters would descend on the site in droves. “I had a nightmare about the possibility,” says Giersz.
So Giersz and project co-director Roberto Pimentel Nita kept their discovery secret. Digging quietly for months in one of the burial chambers, the archaeologists collected more than a thousand artifacts, including sophisticated gold and silver jewelry, bronze axes, and gold tools, along with the bodies of three Wari queens and 60 other individuals, some of whom were probably human sacrifices. (Related: “First Pictures: Peru’s Rare, Unlooted Royal Tomb”)
Peru’s Minister of Culture and other dignitaries will officially announce the discovery today at a press conference at the site. Krzysztof Makowski Hanula, an archaeologist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima and the project’s scientific adviser, said the newly unearthed temple of the dead “is like a pantheon, like a mausoleum of all the Wari nobility in the region.”
Read more on the “Overlooked Empire”.

Samantha-Rae Tuthill, Staff Writer

Heavy rainfall led to major flooding destruction across the East on June 27.
AccuWeather Expert Forensic Meteorologist Steve Wistar, who has been tracking rainfall amounts in Lemont, Pa., for the past 23 years, recorded 3.53 inches of rain Thursday evening, the most he has ever seen from a non-tropical system in that area.
Some of the heaviest rain was focused along the I-80 corridor across Pennsylvania, dropping over 4 inches in just a few short hours in some locations.
Roads were closed across the mid-Atlantic, and a washed-out bridge in Sykesville, Pa., was reported by an emergency manager.
On Thursday afternoon, a tornado spawned from a series of thunderstorms in Boalsburg, Pa., near State College. The NWS classified this tornado as an EF-1, as it touched down on an area farm.
As of Friday midday, water rescues were still being reported out of New York and surrounding states by local law enforcement and emergency managers.
Strong Storms from Boston to Raleigh Friday
Reports, Photos: Heavy Flooding in the East
East US Poised for Flooding Into July
Additional rounds of torrential downpours and incidents of flash and urban flooding will affect the Appalachians, while expanding to the Atlantic coast Friday, this weekend and into Independence Day.


Tenemos una voz que conlleva la idea de Reflexión y Respuesta como ninguna otra. Pantoja es músico con intereses y influencias son tan diversas cómo los estilos de su propia obra. El dialogo que nos regala este artísta nos hace repensar las posibilidades de nuestras habilidades cómo tal. Pantoja es activo y inspira a todos nosotros de reflecionar y responder de una forma más profunda y creativa.

We have today a voice that conveys Reflection and Response as no one has before. Pantoja is a musician with interests and influences that are as diverse as his own work. The dialogue he presents us with makes reconsider the possibilities of our ability. Pantoja is active and inspires all of us to reflect and respond in a deeper and more creative way.

Pantoja Portrait

Si eres un artista sigue aprendiendo, si no lo eres, busca un arte que encaje contigo, ya que, todos necesitamos…

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Last week, two cosmic events coincided: the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice and a spectacular coronal mass ejection from the sun. Learn the science behind both phenomena in Visionlearning’s latest blog post.

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