Churchmouse Campanologist

Churchmouse Altarmousefinal copySpouseMouse and I saw the original version of this on an ITV series which aired a couple of months ago, Food Glorious Food.

The object of the show was to find a best-of-Britain dish which Marks & Spencer could adapt for its food section. If I remember rightly, a curry dish won the day and should soon be on its way to the general public.

One of the dishes which intrigued us was Donny and Nora’s Smoked Salmon Cheesecake. If I were having guests over, I would certainly make it to serve either as a starter or a main course. If you are looking for something homemade, delicious, elegant and unusual, you would be hard pressed to find a better recipe with chilled salmon.

I recently made a modest version of this for SpouseMouse and myself. It was delightful. We were sorry to finish it.

The following are…

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