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Must Use Bigger Elephants

In the header: weird sandstone formations at Bare Island, La Perouse.

So, La Perouse is the furthest I can go south before falling into Botany Bay.

It has no handy beaches that face east, but it has a tower that looks like a castle! And it was weird and misty this morning.

La Perouse tower

Tide pools just before dawn, looking out to the east. The land on the horizon is Cape Solander (Kurnell). I would love to take dawn photographs there one day, but it’s way too far to drive all the way around Botany Bay.

La Perouse tide pools

Sandstone formation on Bare Island (which is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge).

La perouse rocks

View over the industrial Port Botany in the mist.

La Perouse port botany

Just after the sun came up, a weird mist rolled over the bay and everything turned pink.

La Perouse pink mist

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towels packed, will travel

We traded in the cold of the high sierras for the searing heat of Death Valley. D had planned out a day-long, multi-stop itinerary for our drive from June Lake, which included a short hike, a few scenic stopovers, and a visit to a museum that memorializes one of the most shameful and painful chapters in U.S. history.


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Beer :)


It was a 112 or something outside. I have no idea who shs was, but she looked very very beautiful. I would have gone and started a conversation with her just because I wanted to take more than a candid picture of her but I was with my friends who I reckoned would not have been pleased had I followed thru. Besides, it would have been rude to leave my present company from out of town to talk to a complete stranger.


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Researching San Diego

santa barbara train(From Amtrak Coast Starlight, looking out at the Pacific Ocean, north of Santa Barbara, CA)

I am most at peace around flowing water. I do have to wonder if this evolved from being brought up in a beachside community or, possibly, being raised by an avid surfer. Either way, I can sit alongside a river or overlooking a beach, and watch the water for hours on end. When things are particularly tense in the rest of my life, watching (meditating along with?) this continuous, repetitive, unaltered ebb and flow allows me to truly exhale and let the stress go.

grand canal(The Grand Canal, Venice, Italy)

If I had my way, I would never again live more than 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean – inhaling the salt air deeply and listening to the waves pound endlessly against the shore is rejuvenating  Something about that power, the wind in my hair, and…

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