In 2011, Hermes launches its international travelling exhibition ‘Festival des Metiers’ showcasing the craftsmanship behind each of its products. Specialized artisans demonstrated live, the manufacturing of products, in all stages. In 2012, LVMH launched its Journées Particulières program, opening up the manufacturing ateliers of all its brands, inviting the general public to observe the craftsmen at work. Gucci has been setting up pop up Ateliers at its stores and department stores since 2011.
These events provide a unique insight into the complex manufacturing behind an haute couture dress, a handbag or a necklace, highlighting that different crafts are sometimes involved in the creation of one product. Most importantly, during Journées Particulières LVMH companies such as Berluti or Chaumet emphasize the importance of apprenticeships, which are critical for the formation of an artisan, beyond extensive teachings in specialized schools.
It is all about the long hours, the strive for perfection, the attention to details and the unique sense of humility which are essential for achieving the highest quality products.
This year, Journées Particulières by LVMH companies take place June 15 and 16, participating companies Dior, Loewe, Louis Vuitton etc.