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Trip 2012 355

“Look,” she says, pointing at the horizon, “the moon is rising.”

“Yes,” he answers, “it won’t be so dark now.”

“I enoy talking to you, Boggel. It takes my darkness away, just like the moon does now.  I’m comfortable to say the words I never dared to voice before.”

“Words,” Boggel says as he inspects the almost empty bottle of wine, “are the most powerful things on earth, maybe even in the universe. They can lift you up; or bury you so deep, you won’t see the sky. Words can burn, build, break, encourage, destroy, create or tear down.” He pauses a second while filling the glasses. “And sometimes words are like wine. Too little, and they leave the thirst for more. Too much, and it makes you nauseous and leaves you with a hangover the next day. The trick is the balance.”

“That’s why silences are so profound,”…

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