Life Along The River

The day is hot and dusty when the bus from Cancun drops us.  We get off at the wrong stop and bicker about the mile or so walk we have to get to Tulum. In the midday heat our backpacks feel stone heavy and we quickly languish. I am the first to stick out my thumb.

“It’s just a few miles,” I say. “What could happen?”

We are traveling the Ruta Maya. We start in Cancun, late winter, some year in the early nineties. Wind down the Caribbean coast of Mexico into Belize and then Guatemala and back to Mexico through Chiapas, a popular travel route though I don’t really know that when I start out. Or parts are popular at the time. It’s all wild and exotic and new to me.

There’s a lot I don’t know or pay attention to. Like the civil war in Guatemala. I know…

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