the flying farmers

We’ve been putting in long hours on the farm lately, which means time is short for the flying.

But when we found ourselves freed up on the prettiest ever Saturday night last weekend, we hopped in the Husky for a quick trip up to the Hangar Kafe, a lovely restaurant at the heels of Kingsley Airfield, a grass strip just thirty flight minutes away.

I’d love to tack on some cliche like… “Only in Missouri!” or “Only in the country!” but that’s not true at all.  There are hundreds of adorable little cafes waiting for business on airstrips around the country.  The fare is pretty general — cheeseburgers and the like — but the food (fried chicken!!!!!) at the Hangar Kafe was pretty dang good.

At the very least, a fun date.

On the subject of flying, it’s old news to me.  My dad was a pilot, and his…

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