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Joe DiMaggio

“I hate artist’s statements. They are pretentious, and I am pretentious enough without adding to it. I have read too many statements about artists who are “exploring psycho/sexual boundaries” or artists who are “Concerned with the tension between x and y…” These statements are more for the artists, to convince themselves that they are creating something meaningful and of value. I reality you buy art because it connects with you, or it matches your couch, not because the artist was “depicting the hypocrisy of gender roles in a post modern America”. I am much more interested to hear what you think about my work, then to tell you what I think about it.”

Thann Clark

There are very few things that motivate me to the point of screaming, jumping up and down, or possibly wetting myself. I was introduced to a young man by the name of Thann Clark and…

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The Olympus PEN EES-2 is gone (as detailed here), and filling its spot on the shelf is the camera I took in trade for it, a Kodak Retina I. This is the first folding camera I’ve owned, and like the Olympus PEN designs it’s rather an interesting engineering approach to the problem of reducing the size of a camera in the interests of portability. Whereas the PEN shrunk the body by reducing the exposure to 18x24mm and employing a very small lens in a shorter focal length (30mm), the Retina retains the full-frame 36x24mm but establishes the necessary distance between the lens and the film plane by extending the lens on a bellows when the camera is unfolded.


What this means in practice is that you get a very small and very smooth package when the camera is folded up; even moreso than the PEN, it slips easily into…

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For nearly three weeks, Derek Wong, the author/photographer of Straight, No Chaser, has been waiting for his Portra to be returned to him from the lab that developed it. In a recent message to me, he said he thought it was lost in the mail, though the lab notified him when it was mailed to him. I can imagine the sinking feeling that he has whenever he remembers that his Portra is probably gone forever. That’s Portra damnit! No one buys Portra just so it can be lost in the mail.

There is a cider mill in Penn Yan, NY where I grew up, that had the best apples I’ve ever eaten. A couple decades ago, after I had received two previous shipments of the apples, I had another case of them shipped to me. After shipment the apples seemed to have been sucked into a void or at…

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Mostly Monochrome


It’s a moment without a care, not minding the industry in the background or how cold the sea is.  Whether the game is complicated or a simple as running on wet sand, it’s a good one. A single frame of life frozen on a frame of 35mm.

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If you never visited San Antonio, Texas during the holidays, maybe this might convince you to come by. I took these photos this past holiday season with my Nikon FM10 on a tripod, using Fuji Film, and having my camera on “B” setting. None of these photos have been digitally altered in any way. What you see, is what got recorded on film. See more of my photos on Flickr.

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