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Today my New Design


my new design in silk page....

The Search For Enlightenment

Have PatienceIt is said that patience is a virtue, and indeed that is a fact.

Having patience with someone, something, or with a situation can make the difference between causing, or solving problems.

When you are just about to run out of patience you should take a deep breath and carry on trying to be understanding.

Sometimes when our patience runs out, it is because we don’t have the full picture. Having a partial understanding of a situation leads us all to try to fill in the missing parts from our imagination. Our fundamental darkness will relish the chance to invent the details for us.

As anyone who has been to the dentist, and I guess that’s pretty much all of us, the waiting room, the fear of what might be in store, is often far worse than the reality when we finally sit in the chair.

So it is with…

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See Norway - Se Norge

Når man går sånn rundt i fjellet og tenker på alt og ingenting så tar plutselig fantasien grep: Og plutselig står hun der – ‘fjellheksa’!
Picture 147
When you walk about in the mountains, thinking of everything and nothing, your imagination may take hold of you . . .
And suddenly she’s there – out of nowhere: The mountain witch!  😀
(Compliments of SRB )

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Mirch Masala

What if you could fly? If you could touch the skies. Burst through the clouds feeling the wind on your face. The wind stealing a tear from your eyes, slowly creeping through the side of your face to your ear.See the world below you, see the people looking like little ants, and point out your own house and the place you hang out with your friends. If you could feel a bug splat on your face, If you could race the birds to the next patch of clouds. If you could feel your weight disappear into the vast blue sky. If you could see as far as the sky stretched. If you could wave your hand to a kid sitting at the window seat of a plane, if you could look over the clouds, the same clouds which looked over you all your life. What if you could fly ?

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Inner Garden Wellness

 What is Guided Imagery and Guided Meditation?

Both are terms for the experience of allowing your imagination, in a state of meditation,  to quiet your “mind chatter” and bring your focus inward to experience peace and quietude.  It is similar to daydreaming… but with a focus.  Sometimes the focus or goal is to experience a state of relaxation, other times the focus can be to enhance your ability to heal, increase skill levels, decrease pain, or to experience a Spiritual connectivity.  The goals and focus of Guided Imagery/Meditation are only limited by your ability to allow your imagination to open new windows of experience.

This “active daydreaming” can allow you to access inner wisdom and abilities that we have been untapped.  It is now widely used in major hospitals to assist patients to decrease pain and increase healing.  Studies have shown patients who use Guided Imagery/Meditation often heal faster and…

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The Fun Parents


I read this article about children and imagination and, since one of my goals as a parent is helping my children have the same ability to fill hours with daydreams that I had, it caught my notice. Parents have many reasons for the things we want for our children, and often there’s at least some narcissism where we wish for them to resemble us. In this case–my hope that they can daydream and fantasize as much as I did–it isn’t narcissism; it’s just realizing how much empty time there is in life that we can fill more enjoyably with imagination than with any alternative. It’s also the reason I carry my kindle with me when I expect a long wait. It makes the long wait something to appreciate instead of something to resent or get stressed over, which is a nice quality-of-life improvement in a world that sometimes involves…

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